Successful Exits Built on the Strength of Sales Process Optimization

NOTE: On Friday, December 9, Noon – 1:30 pm, I will be hosting a round table luncheon for growth-oriented CEO’s in South Florida. My special guest is Dave Jones of Altus Alliance, who has been instrumental in revenue acceleration and sales process optimization for a number of very successful startups. Drop me a note if you would like an invitation.

Of all the challenges a startup company CEO faces, done is more daunting than significantly growing revenue without sacrificing earnings. In my M&A practice, I see clients who plodded along at no growth or slow growth for many years. I see clients who grew the top line handsomely, but at the expense of the bottom line. Both of these scenarios negatively impact the valuation multiple I am able to get for them when they are ready to sell the company.

Sales, like everything else, is a process. Most startup CEO’s are not very good at instituting or managing the right sales process. They don’t optimize sales, they optimize product development and user acquisition. These are very different processes, for different purposes. Sales optimization insures revenue acceleration. It requires a discipline and skill set few startup CEO’s have. And nothing is more important for a successful exit.

No matter how good the product; no matter how large the installed base; no matter how proprietary the intellectual property, nothing drives up the valuation more than revenue growth and good EBITDA.
One of the foremost experts in sales process optimization is my colleague, Dave Jones, and his stellar team at Altus Alliance. They have been instrumental in the success of a number of company’s, including DocuSign (Seattle’s first unicorn with a $1B market valuation in less than 5 years), ISSI Data (acquired by Media Recovery), and Market Leader (a pioneer of lead generation in the real estate industry). See other case studies here.

Dave was the first consultant I hired after launching I heard he was an “elephant hunter.” He helped me devise a strategic partnership process, which led to deals with McGraw Hill, LA Times, and other big publishers. He taught me about the Sales Learning Curve (later published in the Harvard Business Review). He tells every client, “Company success demands efficient and sustained top-line revenue growth.” This is the process he uses to drive revenue traction:

The number 1 issue I have with getting my clients top dollar for their companies is overcoming a poor revenue-growth-earnings ratio. That’s why i am bringing in Dave on December 9th to offer some ideas and guidance over lunch. (Plus, he is always looking for an excuse to visit Florida during the winter months). If you are interested in attending the round table luncheon, drop me a note. Lunch (and the advice — no sales pitch) is on me. We have limited seats, first-come-first serve. If you can’t attend, check out Dave’s Blog and free resources. Keep me posted on your progress.

Now, go CRUSH 2017, so I can help you get the highest possible multiple when you are ready for your exit!

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