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“It is the meaning behind our name, it is service we offer to all our clients.”®

A Little About VR:

  • We are part of the VR International network of offices, established in 1979, giving us five decades of business brokerage and M&A experience. Our office in Boca Raton and the Palm Beaches is ranked 2nd in the world by VR Corporate. We specialize in representing privately held businesses that fall within the “lower-middle market,” defined as businesses that sell for less than $50M. Our sweet spot within this market is technology and medical businesses, including asset/IP sales, selling between $1M and $25M. We offer superior M&A services: selling strategy, business/asset valuation, buyer identification and qualification, marketing, due diligence coordination, and transaction management.

A Little About the Principals:

Lilia_BerezkinaLilia Berezkina, M&A Broker. Lilia brings to the VR Boca Raton and the Palm Beaches team relevant experience in financial services and foreign exchange, international business development, commercial real estate and business brokerage, mergers and acquisitions. After earning her MBA, she launched a career that led to senior management positions and consulting engagements in the real estate and financial markets. In 2003 Lilia became the owner-broker of a full service real estate company, successfully brokering transactions involving hotels, high-rises, land acquisition and land development throughout South Florida. From 2004 to 2008, Lilia served as a founding partner of Globfex, a Boca Raton-based holding company that created a network of Financial Exchanges in foreign countries. Her responsibilities included connecting with foreign Financial Market Supervisory Authorities (FMSA), acquiring the appropriate licenses, developing corporate and management structure within the Exchanges, and finding investors and members. She has expertise in allocating private and institutional capital in preparation for Private Placement; preparing business plans, business evaluations and sales, financial projections and coordinating legal and financial issues. She offers lectures and educational seminars to various professional groups on topics of business evaluations and acquisition procedures. Lilia is also an accomplished fine-arts painter, holds a practitioner’s degree in holistic health, and in her spare time enjoys traveling, boating, and fine dining.

Her Specialties: Mergers & Acquisitions | Sales of Privately Held Businesses | Business Evaluations. https://www.linkedin.com/in/lilia-berezkina-46487b12 



Michael L. O’Donnell, M&A Intermediary. Michael brings to the VR Boca Raton and the Palm Beaches team more than 30 years of experience as a technology company founder and executive. His expertise is starting, funding, buying and selling businesses. He founded Ask-Me Multimedia (acquired by Midisoft), iCopyright.com (ongoing), StartupBiz.com (ongoing), and Leaves, Inc., among other companies. He was on the launch teams of CompuServe Sprynet, one of the first national Internet Service Providers (went public as part of CompuServe in 1996), and Design Intelligence (acquired by Microsoft). Mike has raised more than $50M in venture capital and has orchestrated numerous company spin-outs, acquisitions and successful exits. He is an active angel investor and advisor, with investments in more than 25 early-stage companies. He has run an international high tech accelerator, a federally-funded entrepreneurial training program, and a venture capital fund. As the founder/CEO of StartupBiz.com, he has assisted more than 25,000 startups with strategy, financing and exits. He is the author of several best-selling books and a popular blogger and speaker on starting, buying and selling a business. Michael is the proud father of three grown kids and one adorable Maltese Poodle. He is an avid motorcyclist, skier and scuba diver.

His Specialties: Mergers & Acquisitions | Sales of Privately Held Businesses | Angel Investing. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeodonnell 


A Little About How We Work

Our personalized, proprietary process, has delivered superior results for numerous buyers and sellers. We begin by getting to know YOU and everything important there is to know about your business and the space you operate within. We scour your financials and examine all of your assets to determine the optimum price range. This may evolve a Broker’s Opinion of Value or an Independent Business Appraisal.


We create a marketing “book” that tells the story of your business. We develop a “hit list” of prospective buyers and do research to determine which ones are the best strategic fit. We leverage our vast network of international buyers to reach the decision makers and initiate a conversation about your opportunity — without disclosing the name of your business or the particulars of your product or technology. For those that believe your opportunity is a good fit, we execute an NDA and begin discussing the details of your business.


The goal is to get three or four strong bidders to the table. We push the process along and coordinate due diligence. We come to know the buyer’s hot buttons. We entertain written offers, along with their contingencies, and discuss the trade-offs with you. Eventually, the best buyer emerges from the process and we help orchestrate a successful closing.


There are many other aspects to our services not disclosed here (hey, like you, we don’t advertise our secret sauce). We can discuss the process in more detail during our complimentary initial consultation.


A Little About Why You Should Engage Us

We have been on all sides of M&A transactions as financiers, buyers, sellers, advisors and intermediaries. We have trusted relationships with many corporate acquisition professionals. The average business broker sells main street businesses in the $300,000 range. They don’t compete in our price range and they don’t have our experience, background or connections in technology and venture-backed businesses. The large M&A firms charge exorbitant retainer fees and most won’t give clients selling for less than $50M their full attention or effort. The M&A firms that specialize in lower-middle market transactions like we do, are boutique shops, with only one location and no international network to tap into.


That all said, we simply believe there is no M&A firm in our market that gets its clients a successful exit quicker and less painfully than VR. Get it done quicker and walk away with more money. That’s why you should engage us for one of the most important transactions of your life.


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We Co-Broker and Gladly Compensate Licensed Professionals for Qualified Referrals


“Mike O’Donnell is a master of his craft. His depth and breadth of knowledge for startup business is unequaled in my experience. Working with him daily continued to show that Mike is flexible, knowledgeable, and broad based. His work ethic is at the top of the scale … never stopping until the job is done … and then implements continuous process improvement. A great attribute is the calm and steady way that he approaches any task” ~ Jack Moss, Senior Executive, CareerSource Broward Startup Quest


“We already represent a lot of main street businesses. It’s a natural extension of our practice to represent the growing number of tech-oriented businesses – and Michael O’Donnell is perfect to lead that part of our practice.”Lilia Berezkina, Owner/Broker, VR Boca Raton


“More-and-more of the companies that will drive the local economy will be tech-related businesses. We have a growing number of members and sponsors who want to invest in those companies. Having someone like Mike who knows how to help them grow through acquisition, and provide for a successful exit, is critical to having more successes and recycling those returns into more good companies.”Bob Fitts, Founder/Producer of Startup Expo (SUP-X) and President of Gold Coast Angels